I am the oldest of three daughters,
come from a long line of strong and independent women,
have my doctorate in psychology and work in the field of pediatrics,
and am sub-fertile.

I met my husband in college (so cliché),
and we dated long-distance while I attended graduate school,
until we eventually married in 2010,
and began trying to conceive a year or so later.

I have struggled with my weight since puberty,
straddling the line between “normal” and overweight,
never had regular menstrual cycles;
and am now diagnosed with PCOS.

I have “graduated” from PCP to OBGYN to RE to RE,
had 9 ineffective cycles of oral medications,
reacted well to injectables but still didn't conceive,
and eventually moved on to IVF. 

I am impatient
and productive when I set my mind to something,
But none of this is helpful with infertility. 

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