Saturday, October 26, 2013

Excuses and Rebuttals

In my promise to keep myself accountable, here it is:

This whole being healthy thing is much harder than it should be. This past week I didn't exercise, once. I recorded everything I ate for two days [out of seven]. I followed the diet plan ~75% of the time. I am down maybe 1 pound, depending on the time and day that I weight myself. Eh. I need to have a more concrete plan and stop making excuses.

These are my excuses for not exercising (and my responses):

  • I'm too tired
Working out will actually give me energy. I can always start slow and not push myself, but usually I get more energy once I begin. Beginning is the hardest part. 
  • I don't have enough time
I have time to watch crappy TV and other silly things. If a Dr told me that daily workouts were the one medicine that could save my life, I would find the time. If this was a better priority, I would find the time. 
  • I should be doing something more productive (like work paperwork)
Exercise is good for me and good for my [future] baby. It will help me have a healthier pregnancy and may even help me conceive. It is just as productive, if not more, than work or chores. 
  • I want to be doing something more enjoyable (like blogging or crocheting)
I always feel happy and accomplished after I finish a workout. After I work out consistently, I begin to enjoy it more and more. 
  • The gym is too crowded
There's always some space. This is a dumb excuse. You can also always work out at home. 
  • The gym is too far away
Work out at home. Stop whining.
  • I don't want to sweat and then need to shower (alternatively: My hair looks good and I don't want to mess it up)
You can always do a "light" workout. Alternatively, showering doesn't take long and you're getting better and doing a quick but still cute hairstyle. 
  • It's cold, rainy, snowy. 
Suck it up, cupcake!

These are my "reasons" for eating unhealthy:
  • It looks good
This is just good marketing. Don't be sucker. How it looks often doesn't relate to how it tastes and definitely doesn't relate to how good it is for my health. 
  • I deserve it 
I deserve to be healthy. I deserve to treat my body with respect and only feed it the best, most nutritious food. 
  • It will make me happy
Food makes me momentarily happy, lasting MAYBE five minutes. Then this is followed by guilt and self-loathing. The happiness that I feel for a few moments can take hours at the gym to work off or set me back from health goals for weeks. 
  • It's convienent / I'm hungry
I will not starve to death. I am not lazy. I can tolerate some hunger and wait until I have healthier food options. 

My plan: These will be on note-cards and I need to read and re-read them daily until the rebuttals are the first thing I think about. 


  1. Wow... most of those points could totally apply to my life as well! Thanks for the inspiration.

  2. Good for you! Breaking this stuff down is sooo important to getting healthier, because...let's be's like 80% mind games. It's a tough thing to do, but it looks like you're on the right track! I can totally relate, as I'm on a similar journey myself. Thanks for sharing!

    Here via ICLW.