Monday, October 21, 2013


Today was a good day. I got a baseline ultrasound with my new RE and they decided that I could begin taking the Letrozole without waiting for period... as in I get to move on to the next step and I don't have to have a period this month!

When I filled the prescription I was pleasantly surprised that it is covered by insurance and very inexpensive. Then, when I opened the pill container, I discovered the pills were very tiny, which is awesome because I hate swallowing pills.

The only negative was that C, my lovely adoring nursing student husband, was less than impressed with the "technique" employed by the phlebotomist (something about sterilizing from outside-in vs inside-out).

Now the only issue is how not to tell my mom. I have this problem where I tell her a ton of the nitty gritty details when things aren't going well (as in the last few weeks) because she's good at helping with decision making.

The problem is that when things are going well, as in potentially leading to timed intercourse, I would prefer for my mom not to know the nitty gritty details.

Have I mentioned before that C and I moved in with my parents to save for a house?

I can only hope that she doesn't really understand the process in depth enough to know about the timing of various steps and/or can't do math.

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