Thursday, April 10, 2014

9 Weeks, Unconfirmed

Today begins week nine, although technically nothing has been confirmed since halfway through week six. I didn't start to get nervous about this until today when I had continuous cramps that were too reminiscent of period cramps to be comforting. I'm now fairly certain it was due to constipation and I felt mostly better after going to the restroom.

I haven't felt too nervous otherwise because I'm too busy having pregnancy symptoms. I am nauseous every day, most of the day, and sometimes this is mixed in with some lovely heartburn. I haven't vomited. I am taking nightly naps many nights and sleeping away most of my weekends. My cold is still lingering but is 90% better.

I haven't developed any lasting cravings, but I did have a random desire for an egg salad sandwich on a toasted bagel. One of these hit the spot and I haven't felt the need for C to buy any more bagels. As for the aversions, it is hard to tell because many days I seem averse to most things. I have this fun game I'll play in my head where I imagine a food in my mouth and think, "yum!" and then I imagine swallowing the same food and immediately feel like I want to vomit. Hot foods, like soup or tea, are especially off-putting.

My weight is exactly the same as the day of the transfer and I'm still wearing all regular clothes, although my one pair of pants is a little uncomfortable around the middle.

I am appreciating how incredibly boring this is. I have better thoughts in my head but the energy required to form these into a coherent post just seems too overwhelming. Hopefully next Tuesday, the day of my first OB appointment, will bring more excitement - in a purely positive way.

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  1. I seriously can't stand soup right now either! Glad your cold is almost gone. Hope your Tuesday appointment brings positive excitement. I have a Monday appoinment with a midwife!