Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Fertility/Baby Updates of Others

There have been some updates and announcements swirling in my mind over the past week.


My best friend from graduate school recently found out her second attempt at IUI was not successful. She is on her third and final attempt and feeling very discouraged. I've been there, and yet I feel so helpless and guilty.

C's best friend, the best man in our wedding, just announced to us that he and his girlfriend are also expecting. They announced this approximately 30 seconds after telling them our news. They are only six weeks. They do not live together, have had a very tumultuous relationship, and let it slip that this was an "accident".

Another friend from graduate school has spent the last two weeks in the hospital with her four-month-old daughter, her second hospitalization in the past month. Her daughter was diagnosed with a very rare genetic condition in which she does not properly metabolize a key nutrient needed for life. She's been in an out of the ICU and her prognosis is largely unknown.


This universe has a peculiar sense of humor. No one ever promised me that life was fair, but sometimes I can't wrap my head around the injustice and absurdity of it all. 

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