Thursday, April 3, 2014

The Time I Forgot I Was Pregnant and Got Myself Ill

I was considering titling this post "The Walking Dead" in honor of the season finale and because that's how I've felt for the last several days. Today, urgent care confirmed that it is in fact just a cold, commended me on not taking any medications to-date, and then kindly told me that I could try a saline nose spray. Are you kidding me?!?!

I haven't slept well for several days because I'm so congested and can't breath. I'm coughing so much that my chest hurts when I take deep breaths now. I am sneezing and blowing my nose and generally feel very disgusting. I would not allow my children to be around me if I were a parent, so I cancelled my afternoon line-up and headed home and to bed.

I blame myself. C and I went to Philadelphia last week for a psychology conference and then drove to New Jersey to visit my best friend from graduate school. It was an odd mix of seeing close friends for the first time and sharing my news and then seeing a bunch of less-close work people and pretending that nothing was different. The pretending part probably screwed me. I pushed myself way too hard. Too much walking and exploring the city. Too stubborn to accept a cab ride when the weather dropped into the forties and was rainy. Too many late nights going out to dinners with colleagues and friends. Too many hours in a stuffy airport and airplane with everyone's germs. And now I am paying for it.

This is the major status update for week 7 and I am now officially beginning week 8. It's a little bizarre to say this though because technically there has been no confirmation that there is still a pregnancy going on in the past week. I am just holding on to this monster cold, while my husband is the picture of healthy, as a clear sign of my weakened immunity.


  1. Ugh. I'm so sorry that you're sick! I'm on my 5th cold in a row, with no breaks between, and this cold may actually be a sinus infection. I finally called the doc on Wednesday, when after 2 days I wanted to cut my head off because of the level of pain I was experiencing. The doc told me to take Robitussen DM (and Tylenol if needed) to help with the cold, so you may want to check in to see if you can take something to help with the symptoms, so that you can at least sleep and get some rest to fight the cold.

  2. I thought I had pregnancy rhinitis but it turns out that I'd caught a bad cold! It's no fun. Yours sounds killer. But you're right to look on the bright side---it means you are nice and suppressed. Mine is over now but it lasted an entire week. So now I've had a week-long bug and then a week-long cold during this pregnancy---and am only 5 weeks 5 days along. Wishing you recovery.