Friday, May 23, 2014

F.B. Official

This was our announcement that we texted to some friends and then eventually posted on FB, after ensuring that everyone close to us knew in a more personal way. I was nervous about doing this, nervous and excited. As I was about to hit "publish", I turned to C and said, "Well, it's about to be official." He smiled and reminded me that it already was.

Today I had an OB appointment and it was very casual. I heard the heartbeat with the doppler. He said that my weight and blood pressure both looked good and the baby's heartbeat and my uterus measurements also looked good. The next appointment to schedule is the anatomy scan in a month and then a follow-up appointment with him.

I asked the doctor the following:
When I go camping next month, would I be able to go canoeing and kayaking? Yes, just not white-water rafting. 
There may be a conference that I would like to attend in early September. Is this too late to plan to travel? No, he would let me go as long as things continue to look good. 
I have been getting sharp pains in my lower back. Is this anything to worry about? No, this is completely normal. It is the uterus pushing against my nerves. 

The rest of the day, I would curse my uterus when walking around like an old grandma with the stabbing pain. Luckily it is still intermittent.

I then went shopping for some new bras, as my current ones are starting look ridiculous. Well no wonder! I had myself measured and it turns out I jumped from a size B straight to a size D! I didn't believe her at first, but when I tried on the new size, it felt and looked sooooo much better. Then I just had to find ones that didn't feel like old-lady bras but still provided good nipple coverage, which was a little challenging.

Yesterday, I wore full maternity clothes to work for the first time. Previously, I had worn some maternity tops with regular bottoms or regular tops with maternity bottoms, but never both at the same time. Well it had the anticipated (but not necessarily desired) effect, three different people commented on how I looked pregnant. Two of those did not already know that I was. So there is no more hiding it.

It's FB official. It's visually obvious. And I am still working on accepting that this is really happening.


  1. Yay, I hope I can feel that disbelief someday too! And isn't it funny that somehow Facebook became like the "official" way to announce something? So weird.

  2. It sounds exciting! Hoping you are able to relax into it and start to let yourself believe it. Looking pregnant seems like a lot of fun :)