Saturday, May 17, 2014

Second Trimester

Welcome to the second trimester, baby. We’re one third of the way there, although it doesn’t feel like it. From a preparedness standpoint, I’m still working on wrapping me head around being pregnant and haven’t really begun the whole preparing for an actual child coming into this world.
I have started looking at (stressing about) all the “equipment” required, but really haven’t narrowed anything down yet or purchased anything. I did purchase some maternity clothes on two separate occasions. The first day, I purchased a pair of work pants (my parents and C kept telling me the rubber-band trick was ridiculous and unprofessional), some tops, and two bathing suits because they were a great price. Within a week of that, the weather changed and I needed capris. One huge word of advice on Destination Maternity – the front part of the store has designer clothing items that a much more expensive then I would want to spend for maternity clothes, but the back part of the store has the off-brand “Motherhood Maternity” clothes that are much more reasonable. I nearly gave myself a panic attack when I spent twenty minutes going through every rack in the front and couldn’t find a pair of bottoms for less than $90! Before finding this store, I had tried the maternity sections in Kohl’s and Target, but couldn’t find anything I liked. OK, in reality, I was probably just too chicken to actually try on anything and left too quickly. By the third attempt, I got desperate and made my mom come with me to force me to take the whole maternity clothes buying more seriously.
I have told most people I care about telling. It’s been mostly casual, when the moment seems right, and there really haven’t been any theatrical announcements. I do have a cute idea for a facebook announcement, but might just be too lazy to actually put it together. I’m generally not a fan of having a big fuss made over me, pregnancy included. The one person I have left to formally tell is my pseudo-boss who is the head of the department I consult with but has no real control over me (she just pretends she does). After this, I need to set my patient schedule for the fall and stick to it. This means I will soon be turning down all new referrals and I don’t expect this to go over well with some of the staff that rely on me. Oh well. 
Slowly, and intermittently, I’ve begun to feel more human. I only get nauseas when it’s been too long from the last time I’ve ate. The heartburn is still problematic, but not daily. There are many days when I don’t have the desire to crawl into bed at 6pm immediately upon getting home from work, but then there are still days when this is necessary. I have begun exercising again, but not at the same level of exertion as previously. It still feels like my heart is pounding out of my chest with a brisk walk! I have also noticed that I will feel a burst of energy and want to exercise, but then it is quickly followed by exhaustion so sometimes I miss my window. The one relatively newer symptom is lower back pain. There are moments it hurts so bad that I feel my legs are going give out on me. Usually this is after I’ve been sitting too long, or standing too long, or laying down too long. Changing positions is a good thing. 
Approximately twenty six weeks to go, should the little one decide to follow the prescribed timeline. Onward and upward! 


  1. Wowee zowee. Am so happy for you! I'm right behind you. Kind of agog that 2nd trimester is just around the corner. I can pass for about 2 months further along than I am---wopes. Glad to hear you are feeling better. Me, too. The betterness comes and goes, but there's no doubt that the fatigue is much, much better. Yesterday spent the day being a nauseous gas factory which was horribly unpleasant, but today feel pretty okay. Pregnancy is so weird! Hormones. My back pain is bad, too, and what has helped is yoga and rolling around on one of those giant styrofoam rolling pins. xoxoxo

  2. Hi from ICLW. I'm 30 weeks right now. I don't think I started to fit into my maternity clothing until about 10 weeks ago and really tried to resist buying any with that rubber band trick too. LOL

  3. Glad you're starting to feel normal, and congrats on the second trimester!

  4. Yay, 2nd trimester! Glad to hear you're starting to feel more human. The rubber band trick made me laugh :) Glad you have some clothes that fit now!

  5. Hooray second trimester! That's wonderful you are feeling well and baby is doing well also! I pray everything progresses just as it should!