Friday, August 15, 2014

27 Week Reality Check

My sister (AE) was visiting from out of town and wanted to attend my regularly scheduled OB appointment. I warned her that it is usually a little boring, but that she would be able to hear the heartbeat.

It turns out the appointment was a little more eventful than I had anticipated. My ankles and feet are more swollen than he would like, especially given a morning appointment. My weight had increased a too much over the past month. My blood pressure was "trending up" at 140/80. There was sugar in my urine (1000 mg/dl).

That's right... he is worried about both preeclampsia and gestational diabetes. I got an order for five vials of blood and instructions to check and record my blood pressure twice per day. While I had been  having monthly appointments, he now wants to see me back in a week for closer monitoring.

At this point, I'm not scared or anxious. I feel that I am good hands and he is on top of my health. I also live with two nurses who can monitor me daily if needed. No, I am not nervous; I am frustrated and disappointed.

I think I started taking a healthy, uncomplicated pregnancy for granted. It was as if I had paid my dues with the infertility, and felt like the universe owed me this. I knew in the back of my mind that PCOS puts me at a much greater risk of developing gestational diabetes, but I didn't let this knowledge significantly influence my lifestyle. I could have eaten healthier. I should have exercised more. On the flip side, I shouldn't have pushed myself so hard at work and entertaining guests.

There isn't a clear diagnosis of either condition at this point, but I do feel a significantly increased urge to make my health, and the health of our daughter, a much greater priority.


  1. aw man. I hope you have neither and you can continue to enjoy your pregnancy!!

  2. Hoping that bloodwork shows a healthy pregnancy and the risks aren't there. Fingers crossed.

  3. Hoping for you that this is just a scare. xo