Sunday, August 31, 2014


In this time of relishing my last weeks of being able to be selfish, and yet my body feeling like it's at war with itself, these are the ways that I have taken care of myself:
  • I purchased a pregnancy body pillow. I am not going to say it's a miracle cure like some of the Amazon reviews make it out to be, but I have definitely noticed an improvement in my sleep. I am waking up less, sleeping a little more soundly, and able to fall asleep a little easier when I do wake up, at least for the reasons of discomfort. Unfortunately, it doesn't solve the heartburn or leg cramping issues... 
  • Regular chiropractor appointments. I am lucky that my insurance will cover a fairly generous amount of chiropractor appointments per year and also that these appointments include a targeted deep tissue massage of the offending areas. I wish that massages could be covered alone and then I would get these weekly, maybe daily if I could find the time. I walk into the appointments feeling stiff and walk out feeling like mush. 
  • Prenatal yoga. I have only done this handful of times because it hard to work it into my schedule, but on the days that I go I have really enjoyed it. I am not normally a "yoga person." In the past when I have tried yoga, I usually have found myself being bored, agitated, and too self critical. Somehow, this prenatal yoga class is different. I end up feeling relaxed, stretched, and energized. 
  • Sleeping in and taking naps. Part of my brain tells me I need to be more productive, but I am have been ignoring this part rather effectively and allowing myself to get extra sleep in the morning, or the afternoon, without guilt. 
  • Occasional spa treatments. As someone who has always struggled a little with my weight, my body image has been difficult to manage these past several months. I have managed this by focusing on aspects that are not related to my weight and shape. I have gotten a few more pedicures than I would have normally and have had two facials so far in this pregnancy. Pampering my skin and focusing on these aspects of my body has helped to minimize my overall dissatisfaction. 
How do you take care of yourself?

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