Friday, October 10, 2014

Ebola Panic is Over-rated... Panic About This Instead

Every year, often beginning in the fall, all of hospital staff get email alerts about the medical practice guidelines for managing symptoms, diagnosis, and current statistics on cases for many contagious diseases. H1N1 and the flu are usually the most popular, but this year it's begun early with Enterovirus D-68. So it was not shocking when we started getting alerts about Ebola. The hospital alerts are not panicky, more procedural than anything else. The panic messages seem to be coming from the media.

So then, in retaliation, many of my health-care worker friends and family have taken to posting alternative news articles on reasons why we should not be panicked by Ebola. I generally agree with these messages and support people getting the word out on this.

That was, until I read this article: Six Diseases You Should Worry About Over Ebola

Now, I continue to not be overly concerned with an Ebola outbreak in the US, as I was not previously. However, my anxiety about all the other more realistic threats to our unborn daughter's health has quadrupled. Seriously, I simultaneously want people to read this article for educational value and also avoid the article to avoid distress. Have I mentioned that I've noticed an increase in anxiety in this pregnancy

My initial delight in our due date being shortly before Thanksgiving and the rest of the winter holidays have now been replaced almost entirely with fear of exposing her anything and anyone that could potentially be carrying germs. I contemplate how it would be possible to keep her entirely encapsulated in a bubble for her first six months, or at least until spring...

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  1. Hmmm... I'm tempted to read the article, but today is not the day. The increased anxiety in pregnancy is getting to me too. My husband does keep updating me on all the ebola news stories, but when I told him my midwife advised that he get the TDAP vaccine (specifically for whooping cough), he whimpered that he doesn't do needles. Oh geez...