Wednesday, February 12, 2014

IVF Monitoring Appointment #1: Boring

Yesterday I had my first monitoring appointment. C was hoping for lots of activity as he informed me that he had a dream about the two of us needing to save a bus full of kids. The actual appointment was much less exciting.

I have one follicle on the right that measures at exactly 10mm and then a whole bunch more that are smaller. My estradiol level was 237, which is a nice rise that they feel happy with, so they’re keeping my medication dose the same (150 iu Follistim) for the next two days and then I return for a second appointment on Thursday. C was disappointed that there weren’t more big ones, but at this point in the game, I’m pretty content that there are bunch of small possibilities. It could still turn out to be a bus-fill, I suppose.

I’ve been feeling ok, less some hormonal irritation and some minor intermittent pain where I imagine my ovaries are rapidly expanding. I haven’t been sleeping great the past few days and I’m wondering if the growing ovaries is to blame. Otherwise, I’m just continuing to remain chill.

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