Wednesday, February 5, 2014

IVF Baseline: Signs and Coincidences

I find it interesting how we find "signs" in those things we want to believe and call it a coincidence if it doesn't support our desires. If it's a sign, we are somehow supposed to have greater knowledge that we're making the right decision and that the universe is looking out for us. Coincidences are random and this makes us feel uncomfortable. Unless, of course, the sign is negative, suggesting our decision is wrong and that we should turn back immediately. We'll just call that a coincidence as to not induce panic.

A very large snow storm moved through our area last night. We were all given warning and schools began announcing their closings before the first flake descended. I didn't pay much mind to this, just planning to leave a few minutes early. Growing up in the "snow belt" has made me immune dramatizing winter weather.

I made it halfway down our winding driveway, on the way to my baseline appointment. I was only very slightly nervous that my cysts would not have dissipated or that my estrogen levels would be too high. Apparently just nervous enough to walk out without remembering to bring my work shoes to change into, rather than wearing clunky snow boots the entire day. In an effort to save time, I began backing down the driveway to return for the shoes. This resulted in me veering slightly off the pavement, over the stick sticking up 5 feet to warn me where the driveway ends, and getting stuck in the frozen grass and snow piles. My dad heard the tires spinning and I also woke up C to participate in the fun. Because pushing my car out of a snow drift in his pajamas and snow boots is exactly what he was hoping to wake up to.

After this adventure, I was counting on making up lost time in the normally 30 minute commute to the doctor's office. This, however, was not the case. The freeway was packed with cars that refused to move faster than 10 miles per hour. I could do nothing but crawl along, eventually making it to the doctors' about 75 minutes later. My only saving grace was that I called into work to find that my morning patient had cancelled due to the weather so no one was specifically waiting for me.

The appointment went well. Lots of little follicles. No cysts. Low estrogen levels. Good to officially stop the birth control pills, hopefully inducing a period, and begin stimulation medications on Saturday. As I sit now, nuzzled under the blankets, warm in the house and protected from the harsh weather outside, I take solace in this coincidence.

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