Monday, August 15, 2016


My transfer date was this past Tuesday. It was fairly mundane, with the exception of finding the right balance between having a full bladder and not wetting myself. I recall this to have been much easier before having our daughter... Needless to say, I did need to use the restroom before the procedure. They gave me a cup and told me to fill it half full to not let too much, but I couldn't stop myself and kept peeing! Then, for about 10 minute, I felt very stressed that I let out too much urine and ruined everything. Luckily, shortly before the procedure I started getting the urge to urinate again and the ultrasound technician reported that my bladder looked great. Immediately after I had to run to the restroom again so apparently there was still enough in there!

We agreed to transfer two embryos, just like last time. (We also ate at the same restaurant for lunch before the transfer so really going to replicate some past results here!).  Shown on the huge TV screen right before they were sucked up into the straw, both embryos were nearly 50% hatched, which everyone in the room was very excited about.

I felt noticeably calmer or more confident then the last time. Enough so that I was asking more curiosity questions, such as why they embryos shine so brightly on the u/s monitor (that is actually the little pocket of air that they are incapsulated in).

Afterwards, we picked up our daughter from a family friend who agreed to watch her last minute (C turned out to be much more upset that the wouldn't be able to be in the room then I originally anticipated), and returned home to nap and then play. The whole day was very casual, and very typical. Except for the part where I may have gotten pregnant.

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  1. So glad that everything, except for the bladder issues, were calm for your transfer.