Saturday, November 9, 2013

Spiraling Downward

In an effort to keeping myself accountable to being as healthy as possible (read more about it here), I will say that this update has some very big highs and then lows.

It started out so well. I had written out all the recommendations for the dietician and posted them in the kitchen. I did some math and realized there were 32 days until Thanksgiving so I decided to have a 30 day commitment (giving myself two days off) of healthy eating before the holiday. I gave myself a sticker on a chart for every day that I followed my commitment of healthy eating, drinking enough fluids, and exercising.

After six days I was down about a pound and feeling pretty good. I felt motivated. I felt like I could conquer anything.

Then the fight with my sister happened. Then I developed a cold, starting with a horrible sore throat and morphing into to a coughing, snotty, congested mess. Since last Friday, I have been entirely eating for comfort not for health. I have not been paying attention to drinking and haven't exercised once.

Right now I mostly just feel miserable because I still can't breath. I struggle between the strong desire to get back on track and physical misery that just wants to make my body happy. The latter is still winning out. I am also beginning to worry that I won't be feeling better by my u/s monitoring appointment on Monday and then all my hopes for a successful response to medication could turn into a snotty disgusting awkward mess of us trying to make a baby. As if the romance hasn't been removed from sex enough already! Fun, fun.

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