Sunday, November 17, 2013

This May Be My Migraine Talking

I've decided that medicine is chauvinistic and annoying.

You're prescribed these drugs to regulate and/or distort your hormones, with the ultimate goal of getting and keeping you pregnant. As required, the Drs talk with you about the possible side effects or complications of these drugs. This information is also reviewed by the pharmacist, in the medication information handouts, and online when searching for the medicine. 

I've read a lot of "official" information and talked with a lot medical professionals and I find it increasingly annoying. All they talk about are the "serious complications" related to the higher rate of multiple pregnancies and the possibility for hyper-stimulation syndrome. I get that these are not good and I would not like either. However, could anyone please acknowledge the other, less-serious-but-more-common-and-frustrating-on-a-daily basis, side effects?!?!? 

Since starting on this medication journey, I've gained 20 pounds. I used to be a level-headed person but now I'm overrun with emotions and the irritability often wins out. I feel nauseous many days of the month. I have many more frequent migraines than I used to. I pull out clumps of hair from my head on a daily basis. 

The only time I hear about these other side effects are on blogs, discussion boards, and other informal information sites. It's as though the medical professionals have decided that the ends justify the means and, therefore, the means aren't even worth mentioning. As if I should be so grateful to get pregnant that I should shut-up and quit complaining about these less significant side effects. As if these side effects don't matter because we'll all take the drugs regardless in hope that they give us what we've all been hoping for. 

And we will. I haven't heard of anyone stop taking a drug because they were bloated or crampy or irritable or constipated. I don't plan to either. It would just be nice if these other effects were at least acknowledged as another real factor of crap that we have to go through. 

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