Monday, January 6, 2014

I demand you to delurk! Pretty please.

We're in the middle of International Blog Delurking Week, which I was so nicely informed of by Lollipop Goldstein. This is fitting, because I am constantly behind on all sorts of world events, local news, and weather reports (no, I did not wear a hat or gloves out the door this morning, unaware that it was about to morph into a sub-zero day). One of the major perks of living with my retired father is that I come home each evening to his boiled-down version of the local and national events that I should be aware of. Of course this is always his filtered version, and is often interspersed with random Dr. Phill "knowledge", but better than nothing. Another benefit is that he's making me stir-fry as I sit here and type this.

So the idea is to please tell me who you are so that I know who is reading about me. I am curious about this for two main reasons: 1) I love reading new blogs and making new cyber-friends so if I know you're reading, then I can read you too!, and 2) I'm slightly paranoid that someone who knows me in real life has found out about this thing. If that's that case, I'd really like to know. I don't think I'd necessarily filter out anything, but it would be good to know who I may be potentially offending.

As this is a fertility blog, I feel I should probably put something fertility related. Here's all I'm prepared to say at the moment: If I was in a relationship with Fertility on Facebook, my current status would be It's Complicated. Hopefully I'll be able to provide more updates before the end of the week, after all the thoughts swirling in my head have begun to settle into something reasonable.


  1. I recently started following, and I really enjoy the personal stories and the scholarly series :) I hope your relationship status changes for the better!

  2. I'm here!

    I stopped by from Creme da la Creme and wanted to show you some love. Your submission was a really moving piece. Can't wait to follow more!

  3. I'm here! I don't comment a lot, but when I feel I have something to offer, I do.