Thursday, January 23, 2014

WTF Body!

Last week at my CC appointment, I was recommended to start birth control pills as early as that day. I believe the thinking was that I never seem to ovulate on my own, thus getting a period, so we could realistically start them whenever and then have more flexibility with timing. So I did.One week ago.

Yesterday, I started spotting, but didn't think too much of because my body is known to be a bit wonky. Today, on CD 30, I had a full blown flow. You read this correctly. The girl who never has a regular period on her without any medications, let alone ever as early as CD 30, began a period in the middle of taking birth control.

I'm not yet sure if this a good thing or a bad thing so I'm not stressing about it yet. I need to contact the doctor but I feel like a royal dumb-ass. Really, my primary emotion would be bewilderment. My damn body can never just follow the rules, listen the medication, and do what's it told. I learned this quickly in the course of treatment, but I'm constantly amazed at how it manages to throw me for the loop.

First there was the whole periods lasting between 1-10 days, at a duration of 5-13+ weeks. Then came the time when it decided to respond beautifully to the lowest dose of Clomid (oh how much easier life would have been) only to decide the following months that it really didn't like Clomid at all. Oh, and we can't forget the lovely experience of my period showing up on the very last day of taking the 5th Clomid pill, a whole 10 days after I thought my cycle had started. That was also an embarrassing phone call.

Despite keeping meticulous records over the past 18 months, I am never able to answer the simplest questions about my body. How long are cycles usually? I don't know. How long do they typically last? Dunno that either. What is the date of your last period? Ummm, I'm not sure. But I can say, without a doubt, that my body is irregular and ORNERY!

One last thing before I get off the topic of my body not playing by the rules... I was able to reach my old RE's office yesterday to get the results back from the AMH levels. They never told what they were so I assumed there was nothing to worry about, the the new/old RE wanted them before proceeding with IVF. For those unfamiliar with AMH, this is a hormone that indicates ovarian reserve. I was told they are typically pleased with any number >1.0. My results: >22! C's response to this was, "can this to too high?" and, of course, I don't know that answer either. I was told by the the nurse that it is common for people with PCOS to have elevated numbers, but she didn't really explain if this was a good, bad, or indifferent situation. So in the meanwhile, I just say, WTF?!?!


  1. Goodness girly. Sorry your body is all over the place!

  2. I'm so sorry your body's not cooperating.. for some reason our IF girls' bodies never do. Hopefully this is okay and the doctor will count this as the start of your cycle and you just continue on with BCP.

  3. Hope you have better luck in the future!