Friday, December 6, 2013

A Good Day

I'm not feeling very inspired from a writing perspective, but I should share that today was good.

First,  we had a monitoring appointment this morning and were told that I actually responded to the medication and that we were a go! (more on this later)

Then, C's dad had surgery to remove a tumor near his kidney. His mom was a wreck and everyone was very nervous that this was the tip of the iceberg. The surgery went very well, without complications, and there were no additional tumors to be found! They are still running a biopsy on the tumor but the Dr was optimistic about this.

Finally, I get home to relax and read some blogs to find out that I've been given a shout-out on Stirrup-Queen's 471st Blog Roundup! Silly, I know, but it felt vaguely like in middle-school when the pretty, smart, popular girl compliments your trapper-keeper. I started this blog as a way to journal my feelings and maybe develop some connections with others in similar situations but what I've gotten out of this after a few short months has far exceeded my expectations. Thank you all.

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