Saturday, December 21, 2013

Read this next CD11

Dear future Katie,

Do NOT test early. One day of dissapointment is plenty, why do you torture yourself?

Progesterone effects are the EXACT SAME as early pregnancy signs. It does not matter that your temperatures keep rising. DO NOT BE FOOLED! It is simply the Mirror of Erised (HP style), but in a pill form that you shove up your vagina daily. Just because some people can tell at 11 DPO or 12 DPO does not mean you will be that lucky. Why on earth would you assume you could be that lucky? Have you ever been lucky when it comes to fertility?

So I'll say it again - Put down the test! Walk out of the bathroom! Wait just a few more days and then you can be justifiably dissapointed and move on.

Your Previous Tortured Self


  1. Hi from ICLW. Not testing is very difficult. This past FET I didn't do a single pee stick test. Thought I was going to die from withdrawal.

  2. Oh, Katie! I'm so sorry about the negative HPT! I was an early tester for a while and I came to the same conclusion… extra days of misery are just not worth it! Hoping that you've just tested too early!!!

  3. Hello from ICLW! I am sorry about your BFP! Let's hope that it is just too early! We are all guilty of reading into symptoms and testing too early! Don't beat yourself up! ;)