Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Fertility Status Updates

Apparently 'tis the season to announce your pregnancy...

1. An old friend from graduate school and sister-in-law to my also infertile friend, we'll call her E. This one is much harder for E of course, because the friend/SIL already has a 18 month old and tried for a month or two. In fairness to friend/SIL, she does have PCOS and did take a little longer with the first one, requiring a few rounds of Clomid, so anticipated that the second might be as arduous.

2. My friend from graduate school, who happens to be 42, got pregnant within a few months of moving to the same state as her boyfriend.

3. An old colleague, aged 35, who got married 14 months ago.

4. C's high-school friend/brother-in-law to his sister, due in April, less than 20 months after their first child was born, which was less than a year after they got married. I remember feeling mildly irritated with their first pregnancy and now here comes number two.

All within the past two weeks. This doesn't the count the peripheral FaceBook announcements of people I hardly know or care about. Happy Holidays to you!

I'm not at all bitter.

My updates are much less exciting. So far I've have three ultrasounds, and my Follistim has been upped from 50iu to 75iu to 150iu. Still no eggs bigger than 10mm. On the bright side, my lining was described as "beautiful": 7mm and Trilaminar. I go back tomorrow morning for another monitoring appointment and then will likely need to pick up a third vial of the medication.

As suspected, the fantastic price of the first vial ($0!) was just a fluke. When I went to pick up the refill, I was charged $65, which is still fantastic that my insurance was willing cover a majority of it, but I have a feeling this will begin adding up quickly. I'm trying to stay grateful that my insurance is covering as much as it is (at least until the end of the year) and that I got a bonus round of medications free.

Getting the shots has gotten a little easier as we've developed a routine. I've figured out that it is better if C is talking to me, preferably telling me a good story about his day, and doesn't announce when he's about to insert the needle. So far, the major side effects have been a little hard to determine. I am definitely getting more migraines, which really sucks, but I also got these with the Femera. I did have some IBS-type symptoms over the weekend, which is something I haven't had is a very long time. I've also felt bloated and constipated. These last two, though, I'm not ready to fully blame on the medication considering I've also had two full Thanksgiving dinners/desserts and leftovers around the time I was beginning the medication. As I've gotten back to eating healthier, the case for the medication side effects is definitely growing stronger.

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