Wednesday, December 11, 2013


Sure enough, I ovulated one time in the past two years and I've turned into that girl. You know, the one who notices every twinge and analyzes it with a fine toothed comb. The one who fantasizes about how to announce the pregnancy and daydreams about baby names on the way home from work. And it's only been three days! I'm in big trouble.

We ended up choosing the Timed Intercourse route, almost at the last minute, based on several factors. Primarily, the research of IUI wasn't particularly compelling and the RE didn't make a strong case for it one way of the other. It was also a financial decision, but whenever I remind myself of how much of this is decided by money I get angry.

The major benefit of IUI would have been the precision that we weren't necessarily guaranteed when you take the do-it-yourself approach. Especially when C's finals week is now, his dad is still hospitalized, and we are living with my parents...oh yeah, and my younger sister decided that this was the perfect weekend to bring over her new boyfriend for us all to meet all weekend! Someday, this will make a great story. ...Son/daughter, your father and I paid money to get your aunt Em and weird new boyfriend out of the house so that we could make you...and your grandmother ended up finding out and helping us coordinate the whole shebang...

It wasn't perfect. We're not machines, after all. But I do think it was good enough from everything I know about how long sperm can live and timing of ovulation based trigger shot timing. And C and I agreed that this was the best part of baby-making so far ;), especially since up to this point our primary moments of intimacy revolved around needles and vaginal u/s wands, so I am glad that we were able to keep that part of things natural.

I started the progesterone suppositories today, but this is not eventful. My only other update is that I legitimately have had a lot of pressure/mild cramping in my lower pelvic area. Sometimes it's concentrated on the right side (where my biggest follicles were) but often it's on both sides or more central. Usually it is relatively dull but last night it did wake me up and I had a hard time getting comfortable and falling back to sleep. Not quite sure what this is about. Too early for implantation cramping? A symptom of Ovarian Hyper-stimulation Syndrome? Is this what it feels for the eggs to travel down the fallopian tubes? Am I just a hypochondriac?


  1. Hoping this is it for you guys! Im "that girl" right now too... Its fun to dream and hope isnt it! It could be ovulation pain that you are feeling!

  2. I am that girl sometimes too! We can't help ourselves :)