Saturday, December 14, 2013

Two Week Bore

I've noticed that I really haven't had a lot to say lately. There haven't been any new revelations, exciting thoughts, great introspections. Life is mostly boring and it feels like things are in limbo. Is this how the two-week-wait is supposed to feel?

Work has been moving along grudgingly. I find that I am (mostly) able to concentrate fully on my patients when they're actually sitting in my office, giving people my full and undivided attention. This is only what they deserve. My biggest problem has been with the documentation/billing afterwords. It's always been the least liked aspect of my job and I notice that whenever I am preoccupied or otherwise consumed with my own emotions, this is the first thing to go. Oh how I hate the paperwork. I set a goal for myself to get all of 2013 documentation complete before the end of the year, so that I can start the new year fresh. Somehow, just stating this as a goal has not actually made it happen. Dammit.

The pain that I was feeling in my lower pelvic region continued to get worse through Thursday, at which point I was absolutely convinced it was due to Ovarian Hyper-stimulation Syndrome (OHSS) and planning to call the doctor the next day. It woke me up out of sleep for three days in a row! Then, of course, on Friday it got substantially better and today it is hardly noticeable. Better enough that I decided not to call the doctor. Everything I've read about OHSS says that it will continue to get worse until you have a period, or into the first trimester if you're pregnant, and now that I seem to have improved, I'm left wondering WTF?!?!

Christmas is beginning to stress me out, but not for the obvious infertility reasons. There are still several people that I have not gotten gifts for. What's worse, I have no idea what to get these people. It's like I've been so wrapped up in myself lately that I stopped thinking about what others would like. C told me to give myself more credit, because I have bought 7 of the 9 niece/nephew gifts and do have ideas for the other two. Kid gifts are so much easier than grown-up gifts.

I have also made a conscious effort to stop worrying about my weight and getting in the best shape of my life. No, I am not going crazy with brownies and a side of streusel for dinner. I'm just eating what I want, when I am hungry. This decision came shortly after beginning the Follistim and realizing that I am fighting a losing battle, at least while I'm injecting and ingesting medications that are known for bloat and weight gain. And the stress of worrying over this can't be any better then the weight itself when if comes to fertility and overall health. Much to my amazement, this past Thursday, I stepped on the scale that I had been successfully avoiding for the past two weeks (mostly to prove to prove to myself that I had OHSS and was gaining a ton of weight from bloat) and found that I was actually a pound less than when I last weighed myself. Go figure.

C and I are dog sitting his sister's pets this weekend. We bought a new futon mattress for the comfort of our bottoms. And there is a huge snow storm that is absolutely beautiful if you don't have to travel. That's really as exciting as our life is right now. Oh, yeah, and I may be implanting some embryos as we speak, but I won't be able to figure that our for at least another week.

Marv enjoying the snow storm. 

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