Thursday, December 19, 2013

Two week crazy... a recap

As I near the end of these two weeks, I get more anxious and crazy. Like any test, the closer you get, the less sure of yourself you become.

My body is not helping matters.

Almost immediately after ovulating, I had very bad pains and bloating that felt like I was constipated and holding onto a full bladder all at once. For days. It would wake me up at night. I convinced myself that I had OHSS, and then the pain subsided.

This symptom was promptly replaced by several days of heartburn. I do not typically get heartburn/reflux symptoms, but this was constant for several days.

The heartburn got more bearable, and now comes and goes. When I don’t have heartburn, I will typically have some mild cramping.

My breasts may be slightly sore and swollen, or I’m just a huge psychosomatic. My nipples do seem to be more erect and sensitive.

Then, two days ago (9dpo), I had an orgasm which was followed the most severe cramping and pain that I may have ever felt. It lasted for about minutes and was severe enough to make me want to vomit.

I have been temping and they seem to be continuing to rise, especially over the past three days. I always question if I’m doing this correctly though.

I am not sleeping through the night. I’m sure this is in no way related to my anxiety over the above…

Some of these symptoms are definitely legitimate. Some may be entirely in my head. None of them do any good in differentiating symptoms caused by the Prometrium (200mg vaginally, 2x/day) versus early pregnancy symptoms. All of them are making me go insane.

All I know is that any envy I had of the two week wait before (when I wasn’t ovulating), I take it back. I am only hoping that, if I do have to go through this again, that I’ll be better at it next time. Please, tell me it gets easier!

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